In recognition of Marc Curtis Little’s ten years as an independently published author, both Faithful Servants: Rescue from the Rebellion and After Obama on sale for $10 if ordered from the website.


FAITHFUL SERVANTS: Rescue from the Rebellion takes place in post-1967 rebellion America. The country was in turmoil after deadly uprisings in 160 cities over a four-year period. Nationwide unrest created the need for a comprehensive report from a commission appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, to study the causes of societal breakdown, racial tensions, and riots.

High school star athlete, Nehemiah Garvey, and his nationally celebrated basketball coach, Mickey Marcus, embark on a mission to save the image of the predominantly black city they love. Their aggressive tactics, however, help to escalate discontent between Americans of African descent and Jewish Americans who share a brotherhood, with resentments that last for more than forty years, recalibrating the arc of black history… READ MORE










After Obama is a novel that follows Forrestville, Florida mayor Curt Felton Jr., an avowed capitalist who once owned a business that earned millions, an undergraduate of a historically Black college, and a person whose life is led by his spirituality. Though Felton is the first African American chief executive officer of the city named after one of the first leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, he manages the city with non-racial centrist principles while supporting equal pay for women, tax cuts for small businesses, higher minimum wages and school choice. Felton has disdain for a number of planks in the platforms of both the Democratic and Republican parties, which endears him to voters across the country, who actively recruit him to run for President of the United States… READ MORE