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The Curt Felton Jr. Series

DSCN0596“CURT FELTON IS A PRESIDENT OBAMA WANNA-BE” said the headline in the Forrestville Journal.

Not so fast.  Curt Felton Jr. is in his early 60s.  He’s the son of TWO African American parents, born and reared in Newark, New Jersey—a predominantly African American populated city, one of the original “Chocolate” cities and a lot Blacker than Hawaii—an undergraduate of an HBCU, a millionaire business owner who believes in capitalism and vocal about his spirituality.  With all that said, is Curt Felton Jr. still a carbon copy of President Barack Obama?

Both DON’T BLINK WHEN GOD CALLS and its sequel, the Indie Excellence Award-winning ANGELS IN THE MIDST, show Curt Felton Jr. exuding the political acumen of Harlem Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr., the courage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the mental toughness of Colin Powell, the spirituality of Tony Dungy and the down-home shrewdness of Bill Clinton.

However, Curt’s recklessness with the opposite sex lowers his odds to be a successful political candidate.  Nevertheless, in DON’T BLINK, he is blessed with the skills of a seasoned campaigner, which take him to the office of mayor of Forrestville, a conservative enclave in north Florida that elects Curt as the first African American mayor in its long history.  Then, in ANGELS, the married mayor-elect Felton opens the door of obsessive temptation with the wife of a Republican heavyweight and a drop-dead gorgeous television news reporter, all the while continuing his on-again, off-again dalliance with a faithful Christian divorcee.  Add to that kidnapping and murder charges, and Curt is in a place where his next mailing address could be state prison.

Now in AFTER OBAMA, Curt might be saving the country from going back to a place where America thought was only appropriate for the history books…in a bad way, while saving the presidency of the country’s first African American CEO, Barack Obama.

The Curt Felton Series is shaping up to join the annals of some of the great interlocking novels that have dedicated readers anxiously waiting for the next one.  Though Curt Felton Jr.’s capers could easily be mistaken for those of the detectives, crime scene analysts and newspaper reporters, et al, that populate the book shelves and e-reading apparatus, his amazing leap on the political stage paired with deep spirituality—while living an odd duplicitous life—gives him a public stage all to himself.  That’s why each novel in the Curt Felton Series will be worth waiting for.


“Filled with U.S. political history and Black perspective, AFTER OBAMA is like a watered-down HOUSE OF CARDS meets popular African American fiction (with less of the former and more of the latter). The jokes are good, the politics plausible, the plotters super evil and the heroes equally as good. What works is that you really watch the whole plot unfold after a nice amount of foreshadowing.”

—Brook Stephenson, (Ebony Magazine)

“Little’s grammatically taut book employs ample, well-selected Biblical quotes throughout to support Curt Felton’s faith and various plot points. His main characters have depth and engaging personalities, and the evildoers are appropriately sinister. Little’s book offers a thought-provoking premise.”

—BlueInk Review

“Go behind the scenes of a presidential race that becomes intimidated by a viable and popular third-party candidate. The fears and lies of Democrats, Republicans and their operatives is a story played out as each wrestles for control of America. However, truth, trust, love and a higher power prove to be a worthy foe.”

—Maggie Linton, host of THE MAGGIE LINTON SHOW, Sirius XM Satellite Radio

“Marc Curtis Little’s AFTER OBAMA takes the reader on a spirit filled journey through politics, power, money, and mystery. Full of Little’s trademark style linking scriptures to plot twists and turns, AFTER OBAMA is a page turner from beginning to end. My only problem is that the journey ended too soon. Both spiritual and secular readers will enjoy the trip.”

—Kathryn Carter, literacy specialist and public school administrator, and author of SUMMERTIME WITH LIZZIE B. HAYES